A Lack of Amino Acids Could Be Stressing You Out!

Sep 19, 2019 | Amino Acids, Anxiety, Natural Medicine, Stress, Supplements

Last year, I had the pleasure of assisting in a case involving a patient who thrives in a packed, high-pressure life and work schedule. If she doesn’t have a puzzle to solve, somewhere to go, or someone to help, she doesn’t know what to do with herself. Her life is like an adventure movie, moving from one thing to another, and she loves it! 


Jessica is one busy lady. She’s a single mom, an entrepreneur, a St. George Chamber of Commerce Sunshiner, a broadcaster, a writer, a developer, and a real estate agent for one of St. George’s top agencies. Jessica’s schedule is one that would make most people exhausted just thinking about it, but not her. She thrives in it! 

Because Jessica is constantly on the go, she is well-aware of doing little things that help to sustain her energy and her health. She takes her vitamins, eats well, and tries to get a good night’s sleep. As far as exercise, we are both in agreement that her daily routine more than fulfills the recommended step count.


Jessica was under a lot of stress, so she was experiencing certain “physical symptoms” that came and went. She had become so used to these feelings that she simply shrugged them off as nothing more than a passing moment or nothing that a good meal and night’s rest couldn’t cure.

The feelings I’m referring to are stress responses that come on both mentally and physically. Sometimes, these feelings present as anxiousness or nervousness, brain fog, melancholia or depression, anger, and dramatic outbursts, even hyperactivity and an inability to stay focused. These stress responses can also bring about changes in body temperature as well as vision and hearing impairment. And let us not forget the big ones, the stop-you-in-your-tracks responses of a heart attack or stroke.

Jessica’s mental and physical response to stress presented as a feeling of being flushed with sensations of numbness in her face. She experienced moments of hyperactivity. She felt anxious that something needed her attention. In addition, there were times when she would see spots and become dizzy or fatigued, and migraines were a common occurrence.

If any of this sounds familiar, you need to pay close attention because these are signs that your body is in need of something!


A year ago, Jessica was sitting in a meeting with Jared DuPree, owner of St. George Health & Wellness Magazine. Jared noticed that Jessica had suddenly zoned out mid-sentence, and he knew this was not normal for her. As a wellness provider, Jared had witnessed this behavior in others before, so this was a clue that Jessica was in need of something. Jared called a stop to what they were working on at that moment and had her take an amino acid assessment test. Jessica took the test and found out some interesting news: Her symptoms were directly related to an amino acid deficiency!

Jessica waited three days before showing up at Fusion Specialty Pharmacy to start her amino acid therapy. She explained that she had experienced a total crash that had forced her to realize she couldn’t wait any longer. Earlier that day, she had experienced “that feeling,” a flushed face and inability to hold a thought. She had decided to lie down for a few minutes and let it pass. Four hours later, she had awakened to find that a dear friend had been worried sick about her because she had not been able to get ahold of her for hours. Jessica was surprised to learn that she had lost the better part of an entire workday! 

Jessica’s assessment revealed that she was depleted of three amino acids. Her protocols were as follows: Two of the three amino acids were to be taken in small increments for a short period of time and then as needed; the third amino acid was to be taken every four hours for three to four weeks then twice a day for thirty days and eventually tapering down to two capsules once a day and then as needed. Jessica was instructed on how to regulate her amino acid supplementation according to her symptoms. 


When speaking with Jessica for this article, I asked her how long it took before she started feeling better. She said she started feeling better almost immediately. She reported that “the feeling she gets in her face” was gone. She also stated that she didn’t experience the “I need to be doing something” feeling that kept her from finding moments of relaxation and mental rest. What I also loved hearing was that the migraine headaches that had been plaguing her (between nine or ten a month) were totally gone!

It has been a year since Jessica started her amino acid therapy. At our follow-up visit, she remarked that there had been a few times when she had failed to keep up with her amino acid therapy routine. She also said that when she notices that her symptoms are returning or that she starts to crave sugar, she runs right for her amino acids, which she keeps in her purse.

Jessica happily admits that presently she feels migraine-free and more focused. She hasn’t had another episode of crashing and losing time and feels calmer when dealing with high-stress situations. This is such great news!


This year, my team and I have been doing a lot of writing, and I’ve been lecturing in public forums about amino acid therapy. It is important for every reader to know that amino acid therapy is unique to every person. Therefore, I don’t go into a lot of detail about specific amino acids or amino acid combinations. They are as unique in the way they work as you are unique as an individual person. 

If you are curious about an amino acid therapy regimen for yourself or a loved one, please come in and see us! The amino acid therapy test will take you about twenty minutes. My team and I have done our homework to find reputable and trustworthy manufacturers, and we only carry the best pharmaceutical grade supplements available. Amino acids don’t require a prescription from your doctor, but we highly advise you to let your doctor know of any over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and/or supplements that you are taking.




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