Fusion Pharmacy Amino Acid Therapy St. George, Utah


the simultaneous use of multiple drugs to treat a single ailment or condition.

a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community
at a particular time.

There is no arguing that, as a society, we are over-using medications that cause damage to our bodies. At Fusion Pharmacy we are dedicated to reducing needless polypharmacy and over-use of prescription medications. Surprising from a pharmacy? If you understand Fusion Pharmacy, the answer is a resounding….


Pharmacists are Doctors (did you know that?) with intensive continued education in medications and their effect on the body. Add on patient upon patient complaints of side effects, poor reports back on how medications affected them, and observations of overuse or prescribing, and WHAM! The result of a caring pharmacist can be to seek solutions to either reduce the need for prescriptions or replace them.  

Offering Alternative Medicine Solutions for Pain

That said, of course Fusion Pharmacy is indeed that… a pharmacy. Any conventional (and sometimes life saving, necessary, required) prescriptions can be found at Fusion. We are also immensely proud to be the ONLY fully accredited compounding pharmacy in Southern Utah. And still a shining star emerges… 

The use of life changing amino acids, CBD, vitamins, weight loss, and nutrition to help YOU reach optimal, shining health. For you this may mean coming in with a prescription for high blood pressure medication that is necessary at the time but with an ending of a lifestyle change that leaves the medication needs in the dust. 

That is success. 

That is health. 

That is the future of medicine.

Fusion IS the future of medicine.  

As if that is not enough to warm the heart, here are just a few more reasons why Fusion Pharmacy is THE choice for your health needs…..

  • Our National Accreditation means greater testing, higher standards, and stricter requirements.
  • Fusion cares about YOU and your HEALTH. You are more than a prescription to us.
  • Our pharmacists will work with you directly to serve YOUR needs to reach optimal health.
  • We are the ONE stop for your prescriptions, compounds, and natural medicine.
  • Our sources are vetted and tested, leaving you certain you have purchased the best.
  • Your Fusion Pharmacy staff is educated and ready to serve you!!

You may have tried to talk to your providers about long term solutions for your health. You have spent money on non-vetted supplements to no avail. You have been a number in a line at another pharmacy. You deserve better. Your family deserves better.  

Now it is time to find optimal health with Fusion.  

Come see us where un- meets conventional today!



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