Gut Health Therapy, Fusion Pharmacy St. George, Utah


Gut health is the key component to over-all good health and well-being. Below are a few simple guidelines and explanations on how to get started.


Everyone is different in many ways. Deciding which items in your diet upset your gut health is one way we are all different. The first process to optimum gut health is to remove the items that cause the upset.

Remove one item at a time for at least a week to determine which make the biggest difference. Typically, people start with the things they like to eat the most!

Dairy products: Such as cheese and milk are two that seem to cause a lot of upset for most people.

Gluten: Gluten (wheat products) can cause inflammation in the gut. Cutting out pizza, pasta, wheat cereal, bread, wheat beer or other wheat-based alcoholic beverages can optimize your gut health repair.

Sugar: Cutting out sugary snacks and drinks is another great way to optimize your repair. Sugar, while loaded with calories, can also be another cause of inflammation and upset.



Replace the items that were upsetting your gut health with items that help it. Items like prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes can improve your gut health. Your local pharmacist at Fusion Specialty Pharmacy can help personalize your path to optimum gut health.



Your digestive tract requires maintenance just like anything else in life. Supplying it with the items it needs to repair itself is a crucial step in achieving gut health. Items like zinc, antioxidants (e.g. vitamins A, C, and E), fish oil, and amino acids are tools used to repair gut health.  



Gut microbes play a crucial role in digestion, nutrient absorption, immune health and disease prevention/maintenance. Restoring your digestive tract with prebiotics and probiotics is one way to improve your gut health.



Like anything in life, balance is key. Amino acids, prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes and antioxidants will all individually influence your digestive tract. Moving slowly and making calculated, meaningful change is essential to finding the perfect balance in your personal gut health. Having an educated and experienced guide to help you on this endeavor will improve and expedite this process. Contact the pharmacists at Fusion Specialty Pharmacy and ask how we can help you today.



How do I get started?
Our pharmacists will be able to help make your “getting started” decisions much easier. Come in or call us today!
How long before I feel a difference?
Some people can feel a difference right away, while for others it may take a while. Because there are many variables from person to person, our pharmacists will be able to answers this question more clearly.
What supportive supplement products should I take?
At Fusion Specialty Pharmacy we carry many of the products you will need. Please come in or call our pharmacists today for more information about our recommended products and how best to utilize them.