Metabolism is the process the body uses to convert food and nutrients into energy. What we eat and drink, including vitamins and minerals, affects the metabolism, along with other factors, such as age, sex, and body size and composition. Having a slower metabolism can also affect the ability to lose weight successfully.

If you are looking to lose weight naturally and safely, the ketogenic weight loss protocol, which consists of meal replacements, supplements, and keto recipes, is a safe, effective, affordable, and delicious way to help you achieve and maintain your weight loss goals.

What Can Affect Metabolism?

Metabolism is a complex process that uses the calories in what we eat and drink, combined with oxygen to release the energy our bodies need to function properly. Even at rest, the body needs energy for important functions, such as breathing, circulating blood, and growing and repairing cells. A faster metabolism burns calories more quickly than a slower one, which helps to prevent weight gain. Different factors can affect metabolism and determine how many calories the body burns each day, which include:

  • Body size and composition. People who are larger or have more muscle usually burn more calories, even during rest.
  • Men typically have less body fat and more muscle than women of the same age and weight, meaning men burn more calories.
  • The amount of muscle we have tends to decrease as we get older, and fat accounts for more of our weight, which can slow down calorie burning.
  • Eating the right foods containing specific vitamins and minerals can help to maintain and boost body functions, including metabolism.
  • Physical activity. The quantity and type of exercise we do affects the number of calories the body burns up each day.

Burning more calories than the amount consumed seems an obvious way to lose weight. However, some people are able to lose weight quicker than others, depending on their metabolism, diet, and other factors.

How Can a Ketogenic Diet Help Boost Metabolism?

A ketogenic (keto) diet is one that restricts the intake of sugar and carbohydrates, and focuses more on getting calories from protein and healthy fats. This type of diet has been scientifically proven to encourage the metabolic process of ‘ketosis’ to create a safe and natural weight loss environment.
Under normal circumstances, the body uses glucose from carbohydrates for energy. Ketosis is the process that occurs when the body doesn’t have enough carbohydrates to burn for energy. Instead, the body burns fats as its main fuel source. When we don’t eat carbs, the liver breaks down stored fat to produce energy in the form of ketones. By restricting carbohydrate intake, fat loss is optimized through ketosis, helping you to maintain a higher metabolism and achieve your weight-loss goals.

A ketogenic diet typically includes the following foods:

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Nuts
  • Oils
  • High-fat dairy, such as cheese
  • Low-carb vegetables, such as leafy green vegetables

Because the aim of the diet is to reduce carb levels, foods such as pasta, bread, rice, and most conventional baked goods, should not be eaten. Legumes, most fruits, root vegetables, and starchy vegetables, such as potatoes, should also be avoided to maximize results.

The Ideal Protein Ketogenic Weight Loss Protocol

If you are considering changing to a ketogenic diet, it can be difficult knowing where to start and how to adapt the diet into your lifestyle successfully. The good news is, there is a solution. The Ideal Protein ketogenic weight loss protocol is a medically developed 4-phase plan that utilizes a range of delicious meal supplements, snacks, and keto recipes to help you reach your weight loss goals and maintain your target weight in a healthy and safe way.

Ideal Protein food supplements are protein-based meals that contain all the important vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy and boost metabolism, but without containing the carbs responsible for preventing you reach your weight loss goals. There are a variety of food options available, including shakes, smoothies, soups and sides, sweet and savory snacks, protein bars, and a variety of keto recipes to try. They are easy to prepare, are affordable, and are designed to fill you up, meaning you aren’t left feeling hungry like on many other diets.

The phases of the Ideal Protein Protocol focus on weight loss, transition, pre-stabilization, and maintenance, and are designed to help you set, achieve, and maintain your weight loss goals. During the weight loss phase, carbohydrate intake is limited to allow the body to turn fat stores into energy.

What Can I Expect from the Plan?

The Ideal Protein Protocol plan includes:

  • A personalized approach to setting weight loss goals based on an individual’s health profile and other influences
  • One-on-one coaching throughout your weight loss journey
  • Education and coaching to build knowledge around nutrition and how the body gains and loses weight
  • Online tools to maximize success
  • Tasty, affordable, and easy to prepare meals, snacks, and keto recipes
  • Education and guidance around lifestyle to help sustain weight loss success

The plan is designed to help you sustain muscle mass, while teaching you how to develop smarter eating habits and lifestyle choices to help you maintain your weight after achieving your weight loss goal.

Although a ketogenic diet can be a great option for many individuals, it isn’t recommended for everyone. High levels of dietary protein can be an issue if you have an underlying kidney condition. You should always check with your doctor if you plan to change your diet.

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