Fusion Immune Kids


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Free Shipping! Kids are little sick factories. They pick their noses, touch everything, and constantly have their hands in their mouth. And there is nothing that matches the misery of a sick kid. At Fusion, we don’t believe in masking symptoms, we believe in getting your kids better, NOW! Because we have seen these effects in our lives and the lives of our families and patients, we teamed up with a world renowned functional medicine doctor to create Fusion Immune. This 5 day immune pack boosts the immune system and gets you better FAST! We only use exceptional quality, vitamins and supplements.   We recommend having packs on hand to begin at the first sign of illness.  Great for people with compromised immune systems and those who don’t want to miss a beat because of being sick. Available in kids and adults versions.  Purchase yours TODAY!

*Ingredients subject to change due to availability.


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