We all aspire to live a long and healthy life, yet many of us either get sidetracked or inadvertently abandon the pursuit altogether.

The whole thing can seem complicated, but if you really come to think of it, good health is not rocket science: the little things that you do every day can make a huge difference in your health, well-being, and longevity. Some of these are so small you tend to put them on the back burner but, when done over time, can pay dividends.

These simple but tried-and-true tips from our certified health coach here at Fusion Pharmacy can help you navigate your way to a healthier you.

Tip #1 Make Smart Food Choices.

This is arguably the most popular yet often-neglected piece of advice. It can be easy to give in to our craving for junk food when we’re stressed at work or dealing with hormonal issues.

If you need motivation and help with making wholesome food choices, consider enlisting the services of a qualified health coach. They can guide you on which foods to eat to satisfy your urge and fulfill your nutritional needs without sabotaging your diet. Ultimately, they can help you turn your short-term nutrition goals into life-changing results.

Tip #2 Drink Enough Water.  

It’s quite impossible to discuss health habits without mentioning this.

Keeping your joints moving smoothly, allowing for better absorption of nutrients, preventing constipation, and helping flush out harmful bacteria are just a few of the wonders drinking enough water can do for your health.

Now you might wonder how much water you should drink in a day. Among other factors, daily water intake depends on your overall health, activity level, and climate. The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recommends the following:

  • Approximately 15.5 cups for men
  • Approximately 11.5 for women

Your doctor can help you determine how much you should drink in a day.

Tip #3 Sleep Good and More.

Having good quality and enough sleep is just as important for your physical and mental health as breathing and eating. If this seems a luxury to you, work on improving your sleep hygiene. Exercising regularly, avoiding blue light (which wreaks havoc on your circadian rhythm), not eating before bedtime, and taking a warm shower are some of the many things you can do to drift off and enjoy your trip to slumberland every night.

Tip #4 Exercise Is Always Wise.

Exercise doesn’t have to be demanding. Find physical activities that you enjoy and stick to them. Taking a brisk walk, cycling, dancing, and swimming are great forms of exercise.

To reap their benefits, do them at least three times a week. Also, have a friend or a loved one join you. Having company can make them all the more enjoyable and helps you stay motivated.

Tip #5 Know and Control Your Health Numbers.  

It’s imperative that you know your health numbers (i.e., blood sugar, weight/BMI, blood pressure, and cholesterol). See your doctor for routine wellness checks. This way, you can get the necessary recommendations to bring them to or keep them at a normal range.

Tip #6 Limit Your Screen Time.

Smartphones, tablets, computers, and other electronic devices are almost an indispensable part of modern day-to-day life. However, with mounting scientific evidence pointing to the negative effects of too much screen time on certain areas of the brain, it is good practice to try to have some screen-free time each day.

Also, too much screen time and a sedentary lifestyle go hand in hand, with the latter being a risk factor for obesity and various health problems.

Tip #7 Self-Pampering Is Also a Must.

Getting a massage, putting your feet up and watching TV, taking a shower—whatever it is, don’t feel guilty about setting aside time each day to pamper yourself. Just as it is essential for people to charge their mobile phones every day, setting aside some “me time” is crucial for helping bring stress levels down and recharging the mind and body.

Tip #8 Give Up Smoking.

The health risks of smoking run the gamut—from dental problems, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, to premature death.

If you haven’t ever smoked a cigarette in your life, don’t make the mistake of thinking it will do you any good. If you need help with kicking the habit for good, ask your doctor about cessation strategies or support programs.

Tip #9 Cultivate Your Friendships.

Did you know that having good friends around you has benefits that extend beyond preventing loneliness? Studies show that people who have strong social connections have stronger immunity and a lower risk for chronic conditions like hypertension.

Tip #10 Foster a Positive Mindset.

It’s worth mentioning that it is not only your body that needs a balanced diet but also your mind. Feed your mind with positive thoughts, be kind to yourself, practice gratitude, and stop sweating the trivial stuff. Do these every day and see them have a positive ripple effect on all the other aspects of your health.

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