What is Compounding?

Customizing medications to meet the needs of individual patients.

  • Discontinued Medications
  • Allergy Problems
  • Specific Usage Requirements
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Topical Cream Treatment

Take your medicine right
to the source of the pain!

  • Customized Solutions
  • Personalized Service
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We're not like other Pharmacies

Fusion Specialty Pharmacy brings custom pharamaceutical compounding to Southern Utah!

Now you can get just what the doctor ordered, customized to meet your individual needs. This is welcoming news for the area's doctors, dentists, veterinarians, and podiatrists. Most of all, it's great news for individuals who suffer from allergies, irritations, unique dosage requirements or any other concern with their medication!


Quality Ingredients

Every ingredient Fusion uses in compounding medications are of the highest quality available.

An independent laboratory to be accurate to at least USP standards has tested our products.


Quality Staff

Fusion consists of highly trained pharmacists and certified technicians who are professionals in pharmacy compounding.

Our quality staff is enthusiastic about improving the quality of life of our patients.


Quality Formulations

Fusion ensures that every compound is precisely formulated.

Each medication is verified for quality and accuracy by an expert pharmacist in an aseptic environment.


Quality Care

Fusion offers ā€œPatient Centered Care.ā€

The patient is the most important person in the healthcare system. They receive quality comprehensive counseling regarding their prescription to increase compliance and improve health outcomes.


Quality Facility

Fusion maintains detailed policies and procedures that assure our state-of-the-art facility maintains that meets or exceeds industry standards.

Pharmacopeia <795> guidelines, while utilizing the finest and best quality equipment.